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Agriculture Street Landfill Class Action Settlement

Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans

Number 93-14333 c/w 94-5446 c/w 94-12996 c/w 95-13271

Division “A”

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Brief Summary of Litigation

The plaintiffs in the John Johnson class action are all current or former residents of an area of New Orleans known as the "Agricultural Street Landfill", who allegedly suffered injury. The site consists of approximately 190 acres bounded on the north side by Higgins Boulevard, on the east side by Louisa Street, on the south side by Florida Avenue and on the west side by Almonaster Avenue and Peoples Avenue Canal. The site includes what is commonly referred to as the "Press Park" community, the "Gordon Plaza" development, the "Gordon Plaza Senior Citizens Apartment Complex" and Moton Elementary School.


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On February 25, 2015, Judge Tiffany Gauthier Chase issued a Partial Final Judgment approving the Class Wide Settlement betwen the Plaintiffs and National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa. The Court approved the Class Wide Settlement between the Plaintiffs and U.S. Fire Insurance Company. The Court acknowledged that the Class members reserved all of their rights to pursue the remaining defendants in this class action - the City of New Orleans, the Housing Authority of New Orleans, and the Orleans Parish School Board - for all sums that there defendants are liable to pay to the Class members, in accordance with the previous Judgments and Orders of the Court. A copy of the Partial Final Judgment is located under the Court Documents section of this website. Upon necessary appeal delay periods and if there are no appeals, the Court Appointed Disbursing Agent will issue settlement checks by mail to all class members who were awarded funds in this Class Action. 

We have mailed allocation letters to the claimants who are eligible for an allocation between January 27-28, 2015.  Settlement checks for these claims have been mailed on June 2, 2015.
Allocations for the Class area, including Gordon Plaza, Gordon Plaza Senior Apartments and Press Park Townhomes, are based upon how long you resided at the address prior to December 31, 2000. Therefore, you must have established your beginning date and end date, at each address claimed for the period which you claim residency. For an ownership claim to be valid, you must have been the owner of a Class Area property on January 31, 1993. Allocations for the remaining class area are set at a flat rate, no matter how long you may have resided or worked in that area. Moton School student or employee claims are NOT a part of this allocation. The class definition does NOT include any provisions for claims made for attendance or employment at St. Phillip the Apostle Catholic School.